About Us

Rhodes Academy for the Creative Arts of Tampa (RACAT) was founded in 2016 and serves as a non-profit organization.  RACAT was created with the vision of serving the Tampa Bay community in specialized educational opportunities in the creative arts.  RACAT will offer a competitive curriculum that will expose our students to the most current and innovative training in their respective art.

RACAT will offer courses in Art, Creative Writing, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Music (vocal and instrumental)/ Music Productions, Photography, Radio Broadcast, and with our TV/ Film Productions program launching spring of 2018.  Students will receive specialized instruction by qualified instructors and professional artists.  Our instructors will prepare our students with the education and training necessary to place our students on the cutting edge of creativity in the Tampa Bay area.

Each student’s educational experience will be educated beyond the classroom by taking part in routine field trips, guest speakers, community projects, and events.  Our goal is to provide experiences that continuously reinforce the lessons that are taught in the classroom.   These experiences will assist in highlighting each student's artistic gifts and talents.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, our intention is to assist all students in the development of their respective art.  RACAT specializes in the creative arts education of grade school aged students, with occasional specific courses for post-secondary students as well.