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Online education for the jobs of the future

Our decentralized education platform gives students and instructors unprecedented control over the learning experience.

For Students

Cost-effective education for the future job market.

For Institutions

Prepare for the future and fight the trending increase of the drop in enrollment.

For Companies

Hire workers with a more relevant education .

Rhodes Academy Brings Institutions into the Future

Micro-credentials & Online Learning Platforms

Universities and community colleges have been seeing a significant drop in enrollment because of the length of time it takes to get a degree and the costs involved for students. Rhodes Academy's decentralized education platform provides institutions with the means of negating enrollment drop and runaway education costs. Institutions can license Rhodes Academy under their own branding and offer students micro-credentials.

Rhodes Academy is educating & training the future workforce.

Our Education Model is Optimized for the Changing Job Market

The job market is evolving But workers are not

Job loss by the Numbers

Incorporating the Rhodes Academy platform into your educational institution will:

- Enable people to enter the workforce faster than before -
- Help keep institutions relevant in a rapidly evolving educational landscape -
- Keep the cost of a degree down for students and operational cots down for institutions -
Global Jobs lost to Automation
by 2030
(McKinsey Global Institute)

Rhodes Academy has a footprint in the growing virtual world economy.

Our Virtual Campus is Ready & Full of Earning Opportunities

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