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What is the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform

Rhodes Academy is a cutting-edge, online platform that provides decentralized education and training geared toward preparation for the future job market.

Things that make Rhodes Academy unique are:

  • An avenue for accreditation through Cognia in CTE post-secondary education has been secured by Rhodes Academy. This means that micro-credentials, certificates, and academic badges issued by Rhodes Academy will be globally recognized and officially accepted by institutions of higher learning worldwide.
  •  Partnerships that are continuously being forged with employment recruitment companies to provide the best opportunities possible for immediate employment of Rhodes Academy Students.
  • Utilization of blockchain technology makes it possible for superior security, completely untamperable transcripts that the students own and can easily share with relevant parties.
  • Smart contracts provide unprecedented access control, income opportunities for instructors and students, and systemic automation for greater efficiency.
  • Rhodes Academy functions as a hybrid between online educational marketplaces and the traditional trade/vocational school models. With the online aspect of the hybrid model, instructors maintain 100% ownership of the content they create with Rhodes Academy receiving a revenue split for utilization of the platform. Regarding the more traditional aspect of the hybrid model, Rhodes Academy will provide accreditation and be a state licensure. There will also be the possibility to receive career placement and obtain industry certifications.
  • Unlike other online learning platforms, such as Udemy, Corsera, and others, Rhodes Academy features a fully realized virtual campus in the metaverse.
Woman at her laptop learning with Rhodes Academy.

What Problems Does the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform Solve

Many of the greatest inventions in history were innovative ways of solving problems that existed for a very long time.

The current education system (particularly the public school system) has several problems and they are:

  • Over centralization
  • Inability to keep up with the changes taking place in the workforce
  • Lack of autonomy for teachers to produce content that better suits their students
  • Teachers do not have ownership of their course materials
  • Inefficient means for students to obtain and share their academic transcripts
  • Lack of agility in adapting to technological and sociological changes

The Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform solves these problems in the following innovative ways:

  • Teachers have complete autonomy to individually create and deliver the educational content they create. This avoids over-centralization, allows teachers to efficiently react and adapt their content to changes in technological advancements, societal conditions, or the workforce, and also grants teachers the freedom they need to tailor their content more to their students.
  • Polygon’s augmentation of the Ethereum blockchain is harnessed by the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform to mint courses, student seats, and certifications as smart contracts. This allows definitive, undisputable, and easily confirmable ownership of educational content by its creator. Likewise, the smart contract solution serves as access control and confirmation of a student’s enrollment within a course. Furthermore, an easily verifiable “chain of custody” is established and recorded, which gives students the power to own their entire academic transcript and the ability to conveniently share it at will, and at no cost to them.

The Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform will add another layer of decentralization through the use of the Rhodes Academy DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The DAO will consist of teachers, students, and education partners. The DAO will enable the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform to effect change faster than the monolithic, centralized model that currently exists in the educational system of today.

Note the infographic below created by the World Economic Forum forecasts that one of the causes for “severe unemployment” in 2023 is automation (underlined in red).

Infographic depicting unemployment forecasts by the World Economic Forum.

Why Invest in the Rhodes Academy Decentralized Education Platform

Chart for Rhodes Academy being first to market.

1. First to Market

Investing in Rhodes Academy is also investing in the first fully decentralized educational platform in the world.  Rhodes Academy will serve as the authority in education in the decentralized space.  Thus, investing in Rhodes Academy will help fuel our establishment of dominance in the market share of decentralized education. 

2. Invest in a $10 Trillion Industry

Education, according to Cognitive Market Research, is projected to be a $10 trillion industry by 2030. This includes universities, public schools, online learning, etc. An investment in Rhodes Academy’s unique and first-to-market platform would be a guarantee into a $10 trillion elevator with a blockchain-powered ground floor.

Protest for more jobs.

3. Growing Demand

4. Problems Solved

Rhodes academy is solving well-documented problems with its platform. Counteracting massive job loss, the need for trusted training grounds that produces quality and qualified workers, and bringing the infrastructure of education into the 21st century are all vital for both economic and societal growth.

Screenshot of the Rhodes Academy dApp on a cellphone screen.

5. A Working MVP Already Achieved

Rhodes Academy successfully completed a minimal viable product that showcases our use case of smart contracts.  

Rhodes Academy virtual campus full of characters walking in the streets.

6. Virtual Campus

Rhodes Academy has a virtual campus that is complete and ready for launch. Various methods of monetization have been planned including a store, rental spaces, and more.

Polygon Village logo.

7. Accepted by the Polygon Village

In July, 2023 Rhodes Academy passed the selection process and was accepted into Polygon Village. This select incubation ecosystem by Polygon Labs (creators of the most popular and secure level 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain) provides such resources as audit services, infrastructure & API related services,  and talent discovery.

Image depicting the growth of Web3

8. Value Brought by Decentralizing

The decentralized ecosystem and economy is only at its very beginning. Forbes has stated that the highest concentration of corporate innovations will be coming from the Web3 industry. This industry’s foundation is decentralization. Because innovation translates into economic growth, the Rhodes Academy platform will gain additional value from the growing mass adoption of decentralized technologies.

Two guys shaking hands.

9. Valuable alliances being Forged

The Rhodes Academy executive team is forming strategic partnerships with various entities believe in the importance of bringing innovation to education, making quality education available to all, and fostering the mass adoption of decentralized technologies.

Group of people standing together.

10. Better Education Benefits Us All

Better education benefits us all by forging new opportunities. In fact, according to a research paper by the World Bank, another year of schooling raises earnings by 10 percent a year.

Moreover, decentralized education bridges the gap between the past and the future. And, those who are better educated are unafraid to harness the power of what the future holds.