Strategy Lays the Road to Victory

Our Planned Path Forward

Fail to Plan & You Plan to Fail

The core Rhodes Academy team has, from the very beginning, realized the importance of setting goals. Each goal serves as a benchmark that can be measured against the company’s overall strategy.

As such, the team invested a lot of time putting together a road map that keeps them on the path towards success. At regular intervals, the core team takes time to evaluate their progress and assess whether their plans should be modified or stay the same.

The Rhodes Academy Road Map is a dynamic document that maintains the flexibility for the team to remain agile and adaptive to fluid circumstances. The map is comprised of phases that span one calendar quarter each. The names of the phases are inspired by historically important African-American inventors.

Rhodes Academy Road Map

Our Plan Presented in Phases

Core Team Building
George Crum Phase
Portrait of George Crum.
This first phase has the primary goal of assembling qualified people to provide technical consultation, strategic development, and the programming background to build the Rhodes Academy MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Additionally, a game developer is needed to build the Rhodes Academy Virtual Campus.
Start MVP & Virtual Campus Development
Lewis Latimer Phase
Portrait photo of Lewis Latimer.

The Lewis Latimer phase will be used to devise a user story for both students and instructors for the Rhodes Academy dApp. Protocols will then be conceptualized for the corresponding smart contracts that would need to be minted.

Development for both the dApp and the virtual campus to begin directly after Thanksgiving.

Development & Recruitment
Otis Boykin Phase
Portrait photo of Otis Boykin.

During the Otis Boykin Phase, we will continue with the development of the Rhodes Academy dApp. However, development thus far would have been focused on the backend and blockchain aspects. Now developers that specialize in UI/UX and frontend frameworks will be sought and acquired.

In parallel to dApp development, a small group of "Pioneer Instructors" will be recruited for onboarding and alpha testing of the dApp.

dApp Completion, Testing, & Demoing
Thomas L. Jennings Phase
Screenshot of the Rhodes Academy dApp.

The Rhodes Academy dApp should be completed by the last week of April. We will then commence immediately with testing in order to quickly turn around to onboarding a very small, select number of instructors.

The instructors will serve as a litmus test for useability and improvements to be made on the full-scale production version of the dApp.

Along with these Alpha tests, we will begin providing demonstrations of the dApp MVP to individuals who may be interested in making small investments or who may be potential partners for Q3.

Polygon Village, Partnerships, V2.0
Shirley Jackson Phase

The overall purpose of the Shirley Jackson Phase is to lay down the foundation for attracting angel investors in order to raise the funds needed for an aggressive marketing campaign. The marketing will be for the Q1, 2024 launch of a pilot program consisting of at least 250 students.

The goals to help build the foundation to attract angel investors are:

  • Gain acceptance into the Polygon Village program.
  • Form mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations, institutions, corporations, and other entities.
  • Deploy RA DAO smart contract + gain DAO participants.
Student pre-registration, DAO
David Crosthwait Jr.

The David Croshtwait Jr. Phase marks the final phase of 2023. Pre-registration for courses will commence and the DAO will be officially launched. Also, we will build on social media platforms and deliver potential students and instructors to RA Discord.

Jan 8, 2024
Guion "Guy" Bluford Phase
Rocket launching into space.

Launch of the Rhodes Academy pilot program. With traction achieved and a working proof of concept, investors will be sought for the development of the full production version of the platform.

Production Development, Marketing
Samuel Scottron Phase
Portrait photo of Samuel Scottron.

Development of the production version of the Rhodes Academy decentralized online education platform begins. Marketing is deployed for the official launch of the platform and its courses.

Sub Label
Judy Reed Phase

The production version of the Rhodes Academy platform is completed, beta tested, and  explodes onto the scene ready to impact the education industry.